About Jeff Lanctot

Experienced marketing and branding professional capable of leading teams to produce exceptional marketing content on deadline in high-volume, create-on-demand scenarios.


What I bring to the table:

  • Marketing and branding campaign management:
    • Marketing campaign strategy
    • Budgeting and project management tasks
    • Needs-identification and pre-production tasks
    • On-the-ground creative work
    • Post-production and asset delivery
  • Experienced marketing leadership including:
    • Assembling and managing in-house and contracted creative teams
    • Team guidance and strengths-based mentorship
  • Hands-on experience in producing:
    • Marketing copy and other written marketing material
    • Studio and environment-based product lifestyle and advertising photography
    • Video and Motion Graphics content for marketing, advertising, and social media
    • 3D rendered imagery and video

In addition to my core skills, I have also worked extensively in the film and video industry producing industrial, marketing, and training videos and films for a number of technology companies, and producing voiceover work for television, radio, and video games. I have produced and directed several commercials and music videos.


While I am a lifelong resident of Washington State, I have never personally met Bigfoot, ridden a Orca whale, or had dinner with Bill Gates. However, I did have lunch with Sir Mix-a-Lot once.


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Product and Marketing Photographer for many of the largest licensed brands in the world, including A-list properties from Disney, Pixar, Sanrio, Nickelodeon, Marvel, DC and many others.


I produce top-quality sales/marketing photography which is used extensively at online retail sites such as Amazon.com, as well as mass-market retailers such as Target and Wal-Mart, and high-end specialty retailers such as Macy's, JCPenny's, and Kohl's.


Responsible for all pre-production, photography and post-production unless otherwise noted.


Feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions or would like to see anything in Print resolution.

Video and Motion Graphics

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Experienced cinematographer and motion graphics artist.


Capable of managing projects from pre-production through final deliverables.


Video and motion graphics have been used for a variety of purposes, including broadcast, in-store marketing and advertising, trade show marketing and advertising, sales support, as well as social media content.


Please give me a shout if you'd like to see full versions of anything you've seen in the reel!

Social Media

Much of the video and photo content I've created over the last several years has been intended for many different marketing and sales channels and thus needed to be formatted for multiple destinations and uses.


Primary social platform experience includes:


• Instagram

• Pinterest

• Facebook

• Linkedin

• Twitter


Primary skills include:


• Creating Marketing calendars to deliver relevant content updates.

• Leading creative teams to create and deliver content for marketing campaigns.

• Designing pleasing layouts for social media use.

• Creating optimized content for use with various platforms.

• Keyword and search phrase research via Google Keyword Planner and 3rd-party tools.

• Writing keyword/tag-rich copy that still sounds like a human wrote it.

• Creating and running targeted ad campaigns via Google and Facebook ad platforms.

• Tracking outcomes and building marketing funnels using Google Analytics.

Feel free to get in touch here:


Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/jefflanctot


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